In Brian Wilson's Room (Or Making John Smile)
The Unsung Musicians

John Fischer

One great privilege I had at Silent Planet was working with veteran musician, author, and speaker John Fischer. John recorded some of the first "Christian" music, before there was any Contemporary Christian Music business. I sang his songs in Young Life, listened to his many records, and read over a dozen books he had written. His music and books are a challenge to think, as he shares his insights on biblical truth, art, philosophy, and popular culture. He has written regular columns for Contemporary Christian Music Magazine, Purpose-Driven Life, Relevant Magazine, and most recently, for He continues to bring a blend of speaking and music to college campuses and churches across the country.

When I heard that John's fine album, Wide Angle, released on the long defunct Urgent Records in 1992 was out of print, I was determined to do something about it. The record was, after all, produced by the legendary Mark Heard and anchored by stellar musicians like Buddy Miller, Tom Howard, David Miner, and David Raven, among others, with background vocals by Kate Miner and Julie Miller. I purchased the master recording and asked David Miner to produce three new tracks for the record, one of which was Mark Heard's own "Some Folks World," which we took for the new title of the record. We remastered the original tracks, secured dynamite new artwork, and reisuued the record with the bonus tracks as Some Folks World.

But enough. You need to hear it. Listen to the title track here (click twice):

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