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Rick Unruh

UnruhAnother of the artists that I had the pleasure of working with at Silent Planet Records was Canadian Rick Unruh. At the time I met him (1999), Rick had been performing and recording for over ten years with live performances on stage, television and radio. As a songwriter for Nashville’s Temple Gate Music, his songs were even in films and on several CD compilations.

Remember, Rick's 3rd CD and first and only CD on Silent Planet, was his first CD to enjoy wide release in the United States and was even nominated for a Prairie Music Award (a Canadian thing)!

Rick has toured Canada coast to coast and parts of the U.S.A. performing for audiences at colleges, festivals, churches, and clubs. At venues like Winnipeg’s acclaimed Folk Festival and renowned West End Cultural Centre, Unruh has shared the stage with Eric Bogle, Stephen Fearing, Sarah Harmer, Alejandro Escovedo, Jess Klein, Heather Bishop, and Connie Kaldor --- a kind of whos who of Canadian folk muisc.

Rick is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and though things didn't work out for more recordings with Silent Planet, his passionate, sensitive voice and folk-influenced ballads are quite moving and have stood the test of time.

Rick Unruh

With Remember, Rick Unruh brings passionate singing and playing in line with intelligent, articulate lyrical content. He evidences his faith without being preachy or didactic in approach. I love the subtlety of this CD, the songs that simply sneak up on you in their emotional appel.

To sample the excellent songs here, try "Hungry Ghost" here.